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Disney Hall, Now In Wearable and Fashionable Fabric

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LA Fashion Week kicked off this week with a party at the Downtown Standard on Monday night for designers and their muses. At the fete, Palestinian designer Rami Kashou—who lost out to "tranny hot mess" lover Christian Siriano on the fourth season of Project Runway—described his curvy-model muse to Fox11: "This dress, as the collection is, is inspired by Frank Gehry's architecture. It's inspired by the Disney Hall." Does it emanate heat on sunny days? Attract German tourists? Meanwhile designer Lloyd Klein credits '80s bathing suit bombshell Kathy Ireland as his muse. Ireland says, "[Klein] approaches design from his background in architecture and you see that, you experience that in the design." Apparently, Klein was a student of architecture before segueing into fashion. Personally, we'd love a designer to credit asshats as their muse.
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