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Trends In Marketing: Post Your Party Photos to Sell Your House

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These photos look more like they belong on MySpace than the MLS. Does the three-bedroom, three-bath house come with cute hipster DJ's and canapes? If it did, then maybe it would be worth the price. Meanwhile, we just wish it had less party photos, more house photos. Like, maybe a single shot of the interior? One of the bedrooms? The living room? A peek at the kitchen? The listing boasts you can "relax by a pool so sexy it would inspire David Hockney to paint!" Yet there isn't a hint of the "two designer baths [that] rival a boutique hotel. Except you won't have to worry about the maid interrupting." Without a pic, how will we know if it's the perfect place to cut our coke? The house has already been pricechopped once. It went on the market in August at $1.75 million and has been reduced to $1.65 million or $717 per square foot. It was last sold in 2002 for $861,000.
· 5692 Holly Oak Dr Los Angeles, CA 90068 [Redfin]