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Mad Libs Edition of Yet Another Fairfax Preservation Battle

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[Image via You Are Here]
A group of preservationists and locals calling themselves 1._____ is expressing worry over developer 2._____'s plans to turn the 3.____ at Beverly and Fairfax into 4.______, reports the 5.________.

According to 6.______, head of the Mid-City West Community Neighborhood Council, "no formal position has been taken" on the project, while Los Angeles City Councilman 7._______says that his council office "will continue to engage neighborhood councils and home owner groups throughout the process.” Design-wise, one worried local says the building is the last remaining theater structure standing by late architect 8._______. But the developer's Santa Monica-based architect 9._______ says he is "considering ways to maintain the historic context of the building." Meanwhile, a Facebook group called 10._______has sprung up to support saving the building. Additionally, one local is in the process of applying to have the site considered a 11._____.

1. Friends of the Fairfax Theater

2. Alex Gorby

3. Fairfax Theater

4. A 71-unit condo project with 12,000 square feet of retail space

5. Beverly Press

6. Jeff Jacobberger

7. Paul Koretz

8. W.C. Pennell

9. Howard Laks

10. Friends of the Fairfax Theater [Facebook]

11. Historic cultural landmark

· Group is Seeking to Preserve Theater [Beverly Press]