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It's Sort of Drizzling in Los Angeles, Try to Keep it Together

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Oh shit, it rained today. Angelenos regularly roll with wildfires, mudslides, and earthquakes, but everyone knows our Achilles' Heel is rain. We can't drive in it, it messes up our hair, and sometimes it leaks through our bungalow roofs. Conan O'Brien mocked his new city's ombrophobia on The Tonight Show last night with a fake weather report. We especially like how shocked he acts that it hasn't rained here since the show started in June. Video and some storm facts after the jump.

Now get to know your rain: The National Weather Service, understanding our delicacy, admits this is "A strong storm system... Especially for October..." and validates our bad driving: "Motorists should be aware that the first rain of the season also brings very slippery conditions to local roadways due to the buildup of oil over the summer." Helpful downtowner Paul Britton informs us via Twitter, "This storm is infused with warm moisture from former West Pacific Typhoon Melor." (The rest of Twitter is complaining about the lousy driving.) Our favorite LA weatherman David Lynch hasn't updated since Friday (when it was 62 degrees and overcast), but LAist points to Weather Underground's live storm map and lets us know to expect one and a half to four inches in some areas tonight. Stay strong, everyone. And send your mudslide shots to
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