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Lautner's West Hollywood Wolff House Boomerangs Back

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Back in April 2008, gossipy real estate site Real Estalker reported architect John Lautner's West Hollywood Wolff House had sold for "above $5 million," a posting which digressed into an argument about whether the seller was actor Vincent Gallo or home collector Michael LaFetra. Regardless, Redfin showed a sale in May 2008 for $5.55 million. Fast forward to July 31,2009 and the home hits the market for $5.895 million. Three months later, the home is still available, but there's been no pricechop. Cory Weiss, the listing agent declined say 1. Who the current seller is or 2. If the home actually sold, or just has been re-listed. But gaze away at this Lautner and don't miss the crazy photo of the exterior of the home.
· 8530 HEDGES Pl [Redfin]