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Another Ballot Initiative Required for Wilshire Subway?*

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What looked like another story on the East/West turf war over Measure R public transit funds had an interesting sidenote: reports that Wilshire subway supporter Zev Yaroslavsky, one of five LA County Supervisors, is angry that a majority of the Metro board members are against using a chunk of the Measure R money to expand the Purple Line, and instead want to divert it to other projects (like the Gold Line Foothill extension). One of Yaroslavsky's solutions: "Yaroslavsky said he is considering having an initiative put on the ballot to block the diversion of the funds dedicated to the Westside subway through passage of Measure R," reports the website. Really? *UPDATE: Joel Bellman in Zev's office writes that, "We are working with the MTA to develop a fair and equitable resolution to the Measure R distribution/allocation of funds. I am optimistic that this will be worked out. If not, we'll cross that bridge when we get to it." On the subject of the Wilshire subway, the MetroRider LA blog has exhaustive, and interesting, demographic breakdowns of every proposed new station—even the ones in Santa Monica that are a loooong way off.
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