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CurbedWire: Westside Art Talk, SoCal Architects in Tidy Book Format

WESTSIDE: Take a break from griping about Westside traffic and instead focus on the city's art scene at this Friday's Westside Urban Forum. Via the Inbox: "Please join the Westside Urban Forum for a conversation with the directors of the Los Angeles County Museum of Art (LACMA), the J. Paul Getty Museum, and the Santa Monica Museum of Art...To remain viable and successful, how do they broach the paradoxical relationship between private capital and public space when both are getting squeezed by outside forces?" More info via the web site. Prices: $30 members; $45 nonmembers; $10 student members; $15 student nonmembers. Noted: There's breakfast so you could make your money back. Image of Allen Ruppersberg's work via Santa Monica Museum of Art [Curbed InBox]

LOS ANGELES: A new book by Architects Newspaper editor Sam Lubell's on Southern California architecture is out. "Living West: New Residential Architecture in Southern California" features thirty of the best designs of our local homes, including work by Barbara Bestor, Belzberg, Griffin Enright, Lorcan O’Herlihy, Michele Saee, the Office of Mobile Design, and Predock Frane, among others. [Curbed InBox]