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Dwell Magazine-Featured Courtyard House Quietly Put Up for Sale

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The Courtyard House on Mississippi Avenue in Westwood was designed by local Silver Lake architect Tom Robertson, featured in Dwell magazine, and is currently owned by Jan Horn, head of the Architectural Division at Coldwell Banker. And about two weeks ago, Horn decided to quietly market the home for sale.

But by "quietly market the home for sale," Horn's not doing much in the way of trying to sell the home (the residence isn't on the MLS).

Price-wise, Horn tells us the asking price falls in the $3 million range. Since Robertson designed the house in 2007, an additional bedroom has been added, and here's more about the home via Horn's web site: "It is a 'green' house consisting of 3 bedrooms, den, 3.5 baths, electric gated entry, located in Westwood, 3 blocks to Century City. The house is about 2800+ square feet and the lot is 6316 square feet. The house has been published worldwide, has been featured in the AIA CaBoom tour..." There's more green features than you can imagine: Read all about it here.

Robertson is a friend of Curbed's--but having been inside this house, we're not sure the above photos do it justice. Between the color saturation and the photos' angles, the home looks better in person.

For more photos, check out Dwell's photos, taken shortly after the house was completed. And there's this pretty impressive Flickr set via Hustler of Culture.

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