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But Who Doesn't Like to Lick the Frosting Bowl?

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In addition to that forthcoming light orb, Sunset Boulevard will see more art rise on the strip. Marilyn Minter, known for her provocative work, will exhibit "Green Pink Caviar," a work in which she licks frosting off a lens (that's a still from the video above). Starting this month, the videos will show on two screens on Sunset Boulevard. Watching the video made us a little uncomfortable, like we'd just had sex with a jellyfish.

Meanwhile, the pertinent info:

Green Pink Caviar, an eight-minute video, will play above the Key Club (on a digital screen) at 9039 Sunset Blvd once every hour, while the 60-second trailer can be also seen at 8410 Sunset Blvd across from the Andaz Hotel. According to the fine people at For Your Art, it'll go up any day now and run through December. Ads will run in between the art.

The video and frosting and maybe the wooden spoon is made possible by West Hollywood Arts and Cultural Affairs Commission and Art on the Outside Committee.