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CurbedWire: Mystery on Main, TecDesign Talk Tomorrow

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DOWNTOWN: This commercial building at 9th and Main has long been a mystery--what's coming to this space? Two women are the latest tenants. The latest shot courtesy of Flickr user jrMcHale. [Curbed InBox]

DOWNTOWN: Something for the unemployed or the idle wealthy: Tomorrow afternoon, Sebastian Knorr of tecDESIGN for LA DESIGN EXPORT will speak at an event hosted by AIA/Los Angeles International. More about the event, which runs from 4pm-6pm, and takes place at Altoon & Porter's Flower Street office. Join Sebastian Knorr as he talks "about the experiences and opportunities that his company has faced as they've successfully designed and built projects of various scales in countries like Taiwan, China, Singapore, Spain, Germany, and Switzerland. From sustainable ultra-modern villas in Mallorca to high-tech office campuses in Singapore; the lessons, the pitfalls, and the rewards." [Curbed InBox]