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Curbed Poll: What's Your Favorite Unbuilt LA Project?*

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Once upon a time, architect Richard Neutra had designed plans for public housing in Chavez Ravine. Instead Los Angeles got Dodger Stadium and assistant director of the Housing Authority of the City of Los Angeles, Frank Wilkinson, got nine months in federal prison for defending the public housing plan* (UPDATE: More via the LA Weekly). But imagine if Neutra's plan was actually built. If someone built an iPhone app similar to the one two architects developed for New York, the Museum of the Phantom City, we might be able to. The app uses GPS technology to locate if the user is "near any of the roughly 50 notable sites, triggering a feature that allows the user to learn about the proposal through the architect’s foiled designs and words." We want one. Quick, someone develop one for LA. But what should go in the app? Neutra's apartments? The unbuilt Case Study homes? The 1966 plan to put a ski slope on a Culver City hillside off La Cienega? (Seriously, that was a planned project). Or maybe something more recently planned but not built, like Gehry's Grand Ave project or Jean Nouvel's Green Machine or the Hollywood Freeway park. Let's vote.