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Koreatown's Odorous Days Inn Reborn as Shelter Hotel

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Reading the reviews of the old Days Inn on Mariposa Avenue and Fifth Street in Koreatown, is it any wonder the new owners decided to gut the place and rename the hotel Shelter? The reviews (the Shelter logo was put up recently on the review site, but reviewers are talking about Days Inn) repeatedly mention a "strong bad odor." There is also talk of the comforters having holes. But out with the smells, in with the giant horses: Opening this week, Shelter is a 60-room hotel with prices starting at $99 and up. The developer is RLG Properties, the same team behind the Mews in Atwater Village; the designer is Lisa Strong. Competition-wise, Shelter will likely be squaring off with the area hotels such as the Quality Inn and Ramada. Those with more cash can wait for that Koreatown condo-style hotel that'll break ground one day.
· Shelter Hotel [Official Site]