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Curbed Wire: More '60s Love, TOD Talk Downtown

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LOS ANGELES: The Los Angeles Conservancy has launched an entire website devoted to '60s buildings, timed to the 50th anniversary of 1960. In November, a '60's architecture driving tour will take place, and the site is gathering votes now for favorite '60s site. John English, an architectural historian and former Conservancy board member weighs in, too: “It was during the sixties that Los Angeles first became a ‘world city,’” says English. “It was also when we fully realized much of the postwar promise that had been building up steam throughout the late forties and fifties. Commercial architects really hit their stride in terms of large-scale development. And Los Angeles International Airport embodied the jet age. When you arrived in Los Angeles, you knew that Los Angeles had arrived.” (pictured: Commonwealth Savings and Loan Building, North Hollywood, Gerald Bense, 1961) [Curbed Staff]

DOWNTOWN: The Urban Land Institute, a nonprofit think tank on land-use and real estate, is hosting an event on October 9th dedicated to transit orientated development. Zzzzzz. "The Urban Land Institute Los Angeles (ULI LA) is initiating its premier TOD Marketplace Program to engage public and private sector leaders to discuss pressing transportation and land use challenges. Technical Assistance Panel services will be offered to localities and interested parties with the goal to find solutions for successful implementation of TOD projects." More info via the official web site. [Curbed Staff]