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New To Market: Theater Director and Artist's House in West Hollywood

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This home is definitely not for everyone, but it looks like it may be sold as a possible teardown for condo development. The listing describes the house as "astounding architectural of oxidized iron, glass, concrete pillars & huge sand blasted wooden beams" and built by a "well known artists and film director." The listing also notes wood and polished concrete floors, a pool and spa, an outdoor kitchen, parking for seven cars, six skylights, four fireplaces, and a partridge in a pear tree. The house was apparently owned by Milton Katselas, who died this past October, and is known not only for his work in theater and film, but an OG Scientologist, having attained Operating Thetan status. Should the buyer be unimpressed by oxidized iron and the former owner's ability to control matter and time, the house is on a double lot, is zoned R-3 and eight possible condos can be built on the site. Asking price: $2.6 million or $684 per square foot.
907 N Alfred St Los Angeles, CA 90069 [Redfin]