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Glendale Temporarily Smacks Down T-Mobile Tower

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[One of the signs protesting T-Mobile plans for a tower]
Facing pressure from the community--as well as a very vocal grassroots group---the Glendale City Council voted on Wednesday to place a temporary moratorium on cellular towers, a move that'll affect more than a dozen planned projects (antennas or towers), reports the Glendale News Press' Jeremy Oberstein. The moratorium doesn't dismiss the proposed towers, but the move has seemed to mollify T-Mobile executives, who say they are now willing to "sit and spend some time with the community at large," rather than, say, sue the city over possible violation of the Telecommunications Act of 1996. Meanwhile, an update on Echo Park's battle with the T-Mobile: The telecommunications company dropped its plans to put up a tower (or antennas? it was never entirely clear) on Echo Park Avenue. That battle never reached the court--Julie Wong, press secretary for City Councilman Eric Garcetti, told us last month that it was just "strongly suggested" to T-Mobile by the city that they not enter the community. So they didn't. [Image via Go Act]
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