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Giving the Term 'Slumlord' An Even Worse Name

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The Pasadena Weekly reports on 20 tenants of an Altadena complex who say they've endured persistent rodent, bug, and plumbing nightmares. Worse, they say owner Ahmad Nowaid has not remedied the problems. Worse still, the tenants—many of whom have kids—are being thrown out of their homes without compensation. And state law allows all this—landlords can arbitrarily toss residents on their ass after 30 days of notice. Nowaid tells the Weekly, "We are not kicking everyone out, just people in some units that we are going to rehab. We are not going to let those tenants move back in, because they have refused to pay their rent." Tenants say Nowaid has plans to split the one-bedroom cottages into two and charge the same rent (around $900) for each new unit. Now, 10 of the families getting the boot have filed suit. Stay tuned. Image courtesy of Pasadena Weekly [Pasadena Weekly]