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PriceSpotter: Lavagnino's Real Residence Returns

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PriceSpotter wants to get fancy this week. This week's guessing games involves a property that is for sale. That's right, please guess what the ASKING price is of this property.

What/Where: One bedroom, one bathroom at 77 Patrician Way in Pasadena.
Size: 1,282 square foot home, 3/4 acre, two parking spots.
Additional details: Designed by architect Arthur Lavagnino. Listed two months ago. Via the listing: "Completed within a year of the opening of Monsanto's House of the Future in Tomorrowland at Disneyland, [James Real] award winning studio/residence, sheltered at the base of Eagle Rock, confirms the optimism in technology of the period." concrete shell spanning 38 feet, supported on four exterior columns."
BONUS: This home was featured as a PriceSpotter in December 2006. Door prize to whoever accurately guesses both 2006 listing and current listing price.
Guesses in the comments.