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CurbedWire: Urban Light Contest, Themed Urban Environments At MAK

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MID WILSHIRE: It was installed nearly a year ago at LACMA, and now to celebrate Chris Burden’s Urban Light, a sculpture of 200 plus vintage Southern California streetlamps, LACMA is holding a contest. They want your photos of the light installation--the best images will be put in a book. Additionally, videos and other forms of multimedia are being requested. (Random: Did you know brides have been spotted posing in front of the installation?) Deadline to enter is Valentine's Day. More information here. [LACMA]

WEST HOLLYWOOD: Mark your calenders for January 21st if you want to go to the next MAK Center event, and it sounds rather interesting. More via the press release: "MAK Center for Art and Architecture is pleased to announce Heterotopias: Themed Environments in Shanghai and Los Angeles, the fourth event in its new series, the MAK UFI Public Forum. Heterotopias will feature Xiangning Li, a UFI fellow and urban theorist whose research focuses on the transplantation, application, adaptation and distortion of Western models in China. His presentation will include an overview of Shanghai’s “One City Nine Towns” development plan, in which nine suburbs have been designed as large-scale replicas of traditional European towns, reflecting the preference for Western culture, architecture and urbanism in contemporary China. Examples include the “Italian town” of Pujiang, designed by an Italian firm and featuring a palazzo and Venice-like canals. Li’s research is aimed at evaluating the consequences of such “themed” urban environments." Xiangning Li, meet Amerciana at Brand. [Curbed InBox]

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