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Rent Check: Log Cabin In Silver Lake. Seriously.

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Given all the talk today about rents, please check out this potential home--it could be the bargain of a lifetime for an intrepid Paul Bunyan-type. It's a listing for two homes on one property on the border of Silver Lake and Echo Park, and one of the homes is a log cabin. For reals. Presumably electricity and running water are not a problem. The listing admits it's a slightly odd rental: "This property kind of feels like Toms Sawyers Island at Disneyland: it's a little out place... a log cabin (literally, it's a CABIN made out of logs) and a 1920's bungalow on one gated lot with a huge 50 foot pine tree in the middle of it all." The log cabin is two stories and has a three-quarter bath and kitchenette, and is about 300 square feet. The bungalow is a bit more conventional, with one bedroom and one bath and 600 square feet. The lot's square footage is a spacious 7,000 square feet. Rental price: $2,000 per month. More photos in the listing.
· A Log Cabin, a 1920's Bungalow and one Gated Property []