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Barn Door, Horse: Parking Meter Hike Questioned

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There's been quite a bit of debate lately about the decision to raise parking meter rates around the city, and now the Daily News' Rick Orlov reports that the Los Angeles City Council is now concerned there wasn't enough community outreach done regarding the meter hike. "Council members Tuesday questioned the city's recent decision to raise rates at parking meters, saying it may cost the city tax revenue. Council members suggested that the increase - in some cases going from $1 an hour to $4 an hour - may be causing customers to stay away from Los Angeles businesses in some areas, decreasing the city's take from sales tax." For example, City Councilman Ed Reyes says some residents on the Eastside are staying away from local restaurants because of the increased fees. Previously, a Daily News editorial slammed the city's decision to raise rates ("The new meters are just the latest in a long litany of City Hall's money-grubbing schemes"), but some urban planning experts say there are environmental benefits to the rate hike. [Daily News]