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More and more people are selling the deeds on their funeral plots to raise money, reports ABC 7, noting that Craigslist and Ebay are full of ads for the plots, a trend that could be driving down plot prices (ie, supply, demand), according to the news channel. Additionally, companies like Plot Brokers, an Eagle Rock company that buys and sells burial plots, are seeing a boom in businesses. Says Baron Chu, owner of Plot Brokers: "We've seen people just really throwing away their property, I mean just to make some ends meet. The cemetery will have a market value let's say of $5,000, and people are selling them to us for a thousand to $1,500." And ABC7 can't stay away from cracking numerous death-related jokes. Of the sellers: "Essentially they're trying to get out of a hole by selling one." Har, har. Pictured: A Forest Lawn plot on Craigslist. The seller is apparently taking a loss because this is what the listing says: "One plot, under a beautiful mature shade tree, with views of the valley in the Murmuring Trees section. Value $7200.00 asking $4800.00 OBO." [ABC7]