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Rendering Reveal: Daniel Libeskind's Top Secret Downtown Tower

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Back in November, there was a big fuss when news broke that a Korean investment group called CAAM had presented plans for a Daniel Libeskind-designed project for 1340 South Figueroa, currently the site of a parking lot, to the Planning and Land Use Committee of the Downtown Neighborhood Council. But then CAAM refused to talk publicly about the project, nor would Libeskind's people return any calls, so everyone was left wondering what the project would look like, and if an older rendering that was kicking around was actually Libeskind's design. Indeed it was. The images above appear in documents submitted to the city's planning department last week. And these are the same renderings that were shown to the neighborhood council committee that November night, according to Brady Westwater, vice-president of the DNC, who says that developers had planned some minor changes to the project (so the rendering could change). Here's the curveball: There are plans for a spa. Yup, Libeskind is gonna loofah you.

----The development of a new 586- foot tall, 43-story mixed use building comprised of a 35-story tower over an 8-level podium and two subterranean levels, for 273 residential units, 8,496 square feet of restaurant use, and a 9,566 square foot spa, with 379 total parking spaces on a 1.72 gross acre site, and the reconstruction of an existing surface parking lot on the 0.53 gross acre, Flower Street Lot (Lot
2), zoned C2-2D-O.
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