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CurbedWire: Metropolitan Dangles Las Vegas, Photo LA Starts

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LOS ANGELES: The rental market really wants to woo you. Poor rental market, you really are in trouble, but let's highlight the better offers: The Metropolitan Hollywood, that 52-unit building at 5825 Sunset Blvd (a conversion of the former Metropolitan hotel), will send you out of town. Via a Craigslist ad for their building: "Reduced pricing on ALL units, including penthouse spaces! FREE trip for 2 to Las Vegas with every lease signed!!" Not sure of the particulars of the trip. [Craigslist]

SANTA MONICA: Photo LA, the city's big photo fair, kicks off at Barker Hanger in Santa Monica tonight. Tonight's benefit will photography Department of the Los Angeles County Museum of Art. A $20 dollar entry fee gets you in this weekend (catalog included) [Curbed InBox]