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Ask Curbed: How Many Parking Spaces Are Required By Law?

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We feel for this reader, because even with half the businesses closing in this complex (the forthcoming Trader Joe's and CB2 notwithstanding), the parking garage is always a clusterfuck. So 8000 Sunset and Honda have decided to make it just a little worse: "So, I'm a member at Crunch @ 8000 Sunset – we have noticed over the past few weeks that they are using the building car park for the storage of new Honda vehicles – no plates on them with the big piece of paper in the window that tells you about the vehicle. Times must be bad both for the car industry and the building. They are parked all around the third parking level, not sure about the 4th. Problem is there is nowhere to park when its busy – when I went to the gym last night about 7 pm I had to circle forever to find a space. It’s a pain. My question is – is what they are doing legal ?? I would assume the building is required to have a certain number of public parking spaces available – so if they are storing cars in them they are not parking spaces any more and not available?" Meanwhile, why the heck is Honda using 8000 Sunset as a warehouse? UPDATE: Well, live and learn. A local Honda dealership rents out the space from the garage company, according to the person we spoke with at the garage company.
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8000 Sunset

8000 Sunset Blvd., Los Angeles, CA