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Optimistic Developer Needed For City West Plot

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There's been a couple of recent articles in which developers have stated that if they start planning for new condominiums now, the market will have recovered in the three or four years it takes to actually see the projects constructed. That's a positive, forward thinking attitude and helps drive away those scary predictions about the economy, and the thought that in six months thousands of unemployed Angelenos could possibly be living out of cars and scavenging for food. (On the upside, there's the possibility for improved human-coyote relations in this apocalyptic scenario, the coyotes somehow becoming our allies.) Anyhoo, if you are interested in developing some downtown condominiums, perhaps you'd like to put up a tower at 1110 Ingraham. Available for $20 million, the land is entitled for a mixed-use project: Building 1 is a 330 unit, 12-story high rise residential building, while building 2 is a four-unit, two-story mixed use residential/commercial building. Last year, downtown blog Angelenic wrote about a 7-story residential tower at 1110 Ingraham Street that was supposed to rise here--it was called the Residences @ Bixel. It is no more.
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