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CurbedWire: In Defense of Shelling Out For That Pool

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LOS FELIZ: Back in October, a post called "Pool Jumper" highlighted the recent sale of a Los Feliz home for $2.2 million. It was a very good-looking home, but the post also prompted some sniping about prices and whether the home was worth the money. Well. the person who bought the home wrote in. Here's an excerpt: "...I have a few things to say to the Curbed LA readers that live in a fantasy land with regard to prices in LA. We looked for two years or more until we found a house we agreed on. We lost our first dream house (which we found on Curbed Price Chopper!). Then we had the problem of finding every house in our price range tacky, contractorish, depressing, shoddy, ugly, dated, poorly designed, on ugly street, no yard, etc. I wanted to puke the next time I saw another Home Depot mosaic tile bathroom."

"A note to [reader] Starchy: A comp is just that! A comparison between your house and the houses around you. There is more than one way to compare those homes. Price per square foot is just one. What about great flow, huge yard, indoor/outdoor living, huge property, beautiful view, amazing walnut walls and floors, nice kitchen appliances, tastefully remodeled, infinity pool overlooking city? Jesus, I sound like a real estate agent.

So I'm supposed to pay the same for THAT per square foot as the pile of shit on the same street built in the 70's and updated in the 90's? Or even worse, the pile of shit built whenever and updated yesterday with the same cookie cutter "design" as
every other hideous house on the market.

I'm supposed to flip just because you've installed a bowl sink? I'm telling you, there is nothing out there. Not if you are looking for a modern house with a view.

It still amazes me to see what suckers are willing to pay for some of the places in LA. Some douche will drop 2 million dollars for a 1400sf house in Sunset Plaza just so he can drive his Maserati down to Chin Chin everyday and score vapid whores [ED: We totally know that guy, his name is Alex]. I assure you of this: The decision to buy the Parva house was a hard one. We will have to live
there for a while to make any money. But it was the best house on the market in that price range and also well above that price range. If we are suckers, then there is a sucker born every minute and we will have to find another one when we decide to sell."

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