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San Marino Adobe Needs Love, A Flatbed

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[Photo of adobe via LAokay]
The Pasadena Star News' Janette Williams covers the case of the Miguel Blanco Adobe, an 1845 historical structure surrounded by the San Marino High School that is facing destruction to make way for a 12-lane swimming pool. San Marino Unified School District Superintendent Gary Woods tells the paper: "We're trying to reach common ground, to find a way to protect and preserve it in another location." According to Sue Mossman, executive director of Pasadena Heritage, it could cost as much as $500,000 to move the structure, but even she's not sure that one can "successfully move" an adobe. Also, it sounds like the adobe has a face only a mother could love. "They were not gorgeous, glamorous places," she tells the paper. "They won't sweep you off your feet - you have to understand them in their own beauty and meaning." There's also talk of re-creating the adobe someplace else.
· Adobe under threat; district seeks solution [Pasadena Star News]