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Palihouse Vine Drops Scaffolding, Reveals Sexy Red Self

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Palihouse Vine, described as an "extended-stay luxury, boutique hotel," flashed locals in late November, and now the project--located at 1717 Vine Street in Hollywood--is showing it all off. The scaffolding dropped last weekend on the development, a relative of Palihouse Holloway in West Hollywood. It's not clear how much prices will be at this Palihouse, which'll open this spring, but Palihouse Holloway goes for anywhere from $250 (for month long stays)-$400 a night, according to the web site. (Hey, but all the hotels are on sale right now!)

The concept, for those just catching on, is targeted at celebrities, it would seem, or busy professionals who want to crash for a week or two or six. The LA Times wasn't entirely thrilled with the concept when they reviewed the West Hollywood location in March. So far, this newest sibling gets points for its robin red exterior.
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