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What LA Will Look Like When Your Favorite Metro Project Opens

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Metro's timeline for its forthcoming transportation projects was leaked to the press and—let's just say, patience will be needed for our transit dreams to come true. Per the Metro report, discovered by the LA Times' Steve Hymon, these are the dates (just recommended, not approved) on when the projects will open, along with our predictions of what the city will be like at the time.
-Expo Line light rail phase II to Santa Monica -- 2015; Santa Monica still very white, very wealthy.
-Green Line to LAX -- 2016 to 2018; Airport rail spur is instant hit as the retro rave culture sets up impromptu all-nighters in the hangars of Westchester.
-Gold Line light rail extension -- 2017; There's still no reason to go to Whittier.
-Subway to La Cienega -- 2019; Shuttles ferry Angelenos from subway stop to Beverly Center, which has been transformed into giant yogurt museum.
-Subway to Century City -- 2026; Stop popular with shoppers after Century City mall opens a replicant store next to Anthropologie.
-Subway to Westwood -- 2032; UCLA kids take to subway like fish to water; USC kids still frightened of 22-year-old Expo Line.

-Wilshire Boulevard bus lane in city of Los Angeles -- 2015; On eve of bus lane opening, walking on top of vehicles proves faster than driving down Wilshire.
-Regional Connector downtown light rail -- 2018; Downtown Trader Joe's opens! Closes six months later.
-Crenshaw Boulevard light rail or bus rapid transit -- 2029; Leimert Park has become center of new grunge revolution.
-Westside to San Fernando Valley transit project along the 405 Freeway -- 2038; Some have already taken to commuting to work via the waterslide at the new Six Flags over LA.

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