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CurbedWire: Wilshire Green, Smelly Woodland Hills Water?

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WILSHIRE: This section of Wilshire Blvd has seen quite a bit of change in the last year. Happy cacti, meet your new friend, the aqua green three-story office tour rising at Wilshire and La Doux. This development was featured in a ConstructionWatch back in May. [Curbed Staff]

WOODLAND HILLS: A reader has sniffed something suspicious and would like to share. "Recently there has been an unusual odor in the tap water. I live in the west SFV, I can smell it while I'm making coffee, its even stronger while taking a shower. At first, I thought maybe it was just me, but then I took a road trip through Ventura County and upon returning was overwhelmed by it anew. Signed, Curious in Woodland Hills." We hope the smell isn't "just you," dear reader. [Curbed InBox]