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Celebrity Real Estate Wrap: Mystery Bel-Air Sale, Nicole Ritchie, Danja, Russell Weiner

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The Wall Street Journal reports that a six-bedroom Bel-Air mansion has sold for $38 million. But who is the buyer? According to the paper, the 1926 home was purchased by a group called Gacac LLC and the seller was Malibu Colony Trust, which bought the home from Verna Harrah, the widow of casino legend Bill Harrah. Blogger Big Time Listings digs up more information that shows that Gacac was founded by Mary Ann Sigler, CFO of Platinum Equity Group. It's not clear if she, or someone associated her, is behind the purchase (it may be Platinum’s CEO Tom Gores, for example). Our go-to celebrity for these big purchases: Nicolas Cage. Image: Credit [WSJ and Big Time Listings]

Rumored: Nicole Ritchie and Joel Madden have left Glendale and moved to a Spanish-style home in Hollywood Hills, paying $6,500 per month to lease the home. [Real Estalker]

Music producer Danja, who has worked on records by Justin Timberlake and Britney Spears, according to Real Estalker, has paid $2.925 million for a home on Mulholland Drive. And it looks like the guy got a price reduction: "Listing information..[shows] the house was once listed as high as $4.380 million before being reduced to $3.495 million. Which means, of course, that Mister Danja and his financial peeps negotiated an impressively prodigious price reduction..." [Real Estalker]

After originally being listed for about $15 million more than a year ago, Rockstar energy drink CEO Russell Weiner has sold his Hollywood Hills for $8 million. And how about that: We sent an email to the LA Times real estate section, pointing out all the strange Wikipedia similarities in the Hot Properties column. This week's column? No apparent lifting. [LA Times]