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Walnut Mayor: No NFL Stadium

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The San Gabriel Valley Tribune's Jennifer McLain reports that the Mayor of Walnut is trying to get City of Industry officials to help him stop plans for a new NFL stadium in the City of Industry. The Mayor of Industry currently supports the plans, according to the paper: "Industry Mayor Perez said the 75,000-seat stadium and entertainment complex at the 60/57 freeway junction will create hundreds of jobs and will give an economic boost to the region. But Lim fears such a project would disrupt the 'equilibrium' in Walnut, a bedroom community of nearly 30,000 people. In the eyes of Lim, a 'fruitful discussion' today would mean Roski would throw out his NFL stadium plans and instead fall back on a former recommendation for the land as a commercial site." We have no idea what this so-called equilibrium concern is, and would like to know more. Meanwhile, Lim tells the SGVT that he is considering legal action if the stadium's environmental report is approved (it could be approved later this month). More about that stadium here. [SGVT]