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ConstructionWatch: Downtown's Mixed-Use Medallion

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Gone are the days of cranes and bulldozers on every corner; now we must relish the LA projects that forge ahead in these scary days. The Medallion project on Main Street, stretching between 3rd and 4th streets, looks determined to cross the finish line against all odds—which includes a short construction stoppage last spring. Work is mostly above street-level now on the $125 million rental development, which will add 192 units, 203,000 square feet of retail space, a pocket park, and parking for 750 cars. The development, which replaces a surface parking lot, is designed by M2A architects who promise "recreational amenities... located on the roof parking to enhance the residential environment." Look for a ribbon-cutting in fourth quarter '09.
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The Medallion

334 South Main Street, Los Angeles, CA 90013 Visit Website