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CurbedWire: Echo Park Ugly, Echo Park Sweet

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ECHO PARK: Not sure when it happened, but some bonehead assaulted the crap--with a purple weapon---out of that under construction five-unit apartment project at 1478 West Sunset Boulevard. Local firm Chasen Architects is behind the project, and let's hope they can easily fix the markings. [Curbed Staff]

: Again with the Echo Park, but who can resist this story about a couple who grows wine grapes in their backyard? The photo and caption are both via the Garment & Citizen: "Ed Aguerro sorts out grapes to be used in wine made by Joe and Heather D’Augustine at their home in the Echo Park district northwest of Downtown. The D’Augustines grow the grapes on their backyard hillside, and recently invited friends and neighbors to help with the Fall harvest. The volunteer laborers can expect to share in the 2009 D’Augustine vintages when the wine is finished. The D’Augustines do not sell the wine, but they have been honored at the California State Fair for a prior vintage." Bring back the moonshine, too. [G & C]