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To Federal Court: Rancho Palos Verdes Vs. Trump Case

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Last month, Donald Trump filed a $100 million lawsuit against Rancho Palos Verdes, just the latest in a very long series of legal battles between Trump and the city (this latest suit has to do with the construction of 20 homes and amenities at Trump National Golf Club). Now the Palos Verdes Pennisula News' Ashley Ratcliff reports that the case has been sent to federal court due to the claims of civil rights violations. In the suit, Trump alleges "the city and its geologic advisers engaged in 'willful, wanton, malicious, oppressive and outrageous' acts." One of Trump's lawyers, Stuart Miller of Wellman & Warren LLP, says the civil rights issue pertains to the city’s “taking of land without just compensation," according to the paper, but Miller also says he'll file a motion to send the case back to state court. Meanwhile, Mayor Larry Clark tells the paper that Trump has made no effort to settle with the city.

"We’ve reviewed the case and believe it’s completely without merit ? We’re very disappointed that this is upon us. We regret that Trump Enterprise and Donald Trump have decided to sue the city. As previously indicated, he filed in court without formally submitting claims for review by us or even contacting us in advance,” Clark said. “It’s very disappointing to be in this situation with him.” Trump said he “doubts” that he and RPV officials will reach a compromise before heading to the courtroom.· Trump lawsuit to be heard at higher level [PVPN]
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