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Morphosis's Epic New Astronomy and Astrophysics Center

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Saving us a trip, the Architect's Newspaper stopped by the recently opened, Morphosis-designed Cahill Center for Astronomy and Astrophysics at Caltech in Pasadena. According to the press release, the building, which will receive gold-level LEED, will allow "300 of Caltech's top-ranked astronomy and astrophysics faculty and graduate students to work together in a building dedicated to their needs for the first time in more than 40 years.." But back to the blog's review: The building’s "most notable architectural features are its cracks, fissures, tilts, and expanding and contracting walkways and apertures; elements that seem to suit it more to a seismology building, but also work to represent the epic tumult of space."

Meanwhile, at that recent Hammer talk, architect Stefanos Polyzoides architecture firm Moule-Polyzoides told audience members he went to the opening of the CalTech building this week. Despite being friends with Morphosis's Thom Mayne, Polyzoides criticized the gold LEED aspect of the building, calling LEED certification a sham. He also wondered why the building, located in steamy Pasadena, wasn't built with windows that can open. Anyone know the reason?
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