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EaterTastings: Weho Cracks Down on Hot Dog Vendors, Fritellis Shutters in BH, Golden State Closer to Opening

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The latest dish from Eater LA, Curbed's hedonistic eating and drinking blog...

[The scene last August at Hollywood and Highland. Photo by Tom Andrews/LAist.]

WEST HOLLYWOOD: We are so tempted to make a snappy weiner joke. Must...resist...puns...West Hollywood authorities are cracking down on illegal bacon-wrapped hot dog vendors. Not only are they confiscating carts, but there are now hefty fines. No more hot beef injections in Weho.

BEVERLY HILLS: First it was yogurt, now the recession seems to have hit the oxymoron that is upscale donuts. It seems Fritelli's donuts is no more. Will cupcakes be next?

FAIRFAX DISTRICT: Adding to the increasingly crowded Fairfax corridor, the Golden State is aiming for a mid-February opening. Expect an "ode to California (by way of sandwiches from consulting chef Samir Mohajer, gelato from Scoops' Tai Kim, and really good beer)."