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Playa Del Oro: Is The Ass Hat Recession-Proof?

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Decades from now, our great housing depression will be studied in high school social studies classes, but we can only watch it unfold in real time. Will those text books include a chapter on the Rental Chops of 2009? This is Playa del Oro, a new rental development cropping up at 8601 Lincoln Blvd, right next door the Custom Hotel. Designed by architecture firm Van Tilburg, Banvard, and Soderbergh, the go-to guys for your SoCal mixed-use development, the project also includes your go-to staples for retail: Forthcoming are a Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf, San Sai Japanese Grill, Daphne’s Greek, and a bank, according a leasing rep. Meanwhile, rents range from $1,794-$4,380, but there's a special deal going on right now: If you sign an 18-month lease, you'll get half off your rent for the first six months. Onward and upward, Playa!
· Playa Del Oro [Official Site]