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Greenbelt Trumps Bike Path

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Hermosa Beach wants to add new bike paths around the city, but earlier this week, residents tossed out most of the Bike Lane subcommittee's proposals, including putting a bike path on the Greenbelt trail and turning two streets into one-way streets so bike lanes could be drawn. More via the Beach Reporter: "Resident Rhonda Erickson also said the Greenbelt should be left alone. “There is so little (greenery in town). We need to keep it,” Erickson said. “There has got to be somewhere better for people to bike. You need to leave Ardmore alone and Valley Drive alone. This is a small town. You don’t have those large streets. This is not a new city being planned where you can just say, ‘Let’s put these huge bike lanes here, here and here.’ You just cannot force the issue.” Looks like residents are also discussing the pathway on the This is Hermosa Beach community board. [Beach Reporter]