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You Are Now Cleared to Be A Hero, Too

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After he introduced legislation to help ease traffic and ban electronic billboards, some speculated Assemblyman Mike Feuer was a superhero politician. He very well may be. Yesterday he introduced Assembly Bill 83, the Good Samaritan bill. It's legislation that says that if you try and help someone out, they can't turn around and sue you ("AB 83 immunizes Good Samaritans from liability"). Sweet, we're gonna go Heimlich someone just for the fun of it. From the press release: "Feuer was moved to introduce AB 83 by personal experience. While driving home from work on a Los Angeles freeway several years ago, he witnessed the driver of a pickup truck swerve and lose control, overturning the truck in traffic. Feuer helped pull the driver and his family from the overturned vehicle while others blocked traffic on the busy freeway."