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Sexy Video of Gold Line Train Towing

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Gold Line Trains In Movement from curbed los angeles on Vimeo.

A little something for the transit nerds: Yesterday, Metro tested the six-mile Gold Line Eastside Extension and released video of the train work. Via their web site: "The trip was part of a clearance test in which the train car was towed, rather than self-powered, at approximately 5 m.p.h. so that it could easily stop on short notice. The test was done to verify proper clearance between the rail car and surrounding equipment and facilities, including 1.8-mile-long twin tunnels under Boyle Heights." Notably, it's been 46 years since the last trolley ran on First Street. The Metro Gold Line Eastside Extension is expected to be done by this summer.
· First Train Car Tested on New Metro Gold Line Eastside Light Rail Line Under Construction [Metro]