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Libeskind's Downtown Tower: New Jersey's Leftovers?

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Per a tipster comes news that the Daniel Libeskind-designed downtown Los Angeles tower has a few similarities to a Daniel Libeskind-designed Union City, New Jersey tower (pictured left). More information about the 18-story New Jersey tower comes from a 2005 New York Post story, but it doesn't look like this East Coast Libeskind ever got built. Nor does the building appear on Libeskind's web site. More alarming than getting a Jersey hand-me-down is one commenter's suggestion that the 43-story Figueroa project took inspiration from 80s rapper Vanilla Ice's hair. After the jump, all the NJ renderings and a comparison with Mr. Ice.

Images via Wired New York:

Rendering that ran in the NY Post story:

Ice, ice baby?

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