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Gatsby Gets Gawkers, Hooray for (Wealthy) Hollywood

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Prices haven't been officially announced for The Gatsby Hollywood, that townhome development rising at the corner of Wilcox and Fountain, but prices for the first phase are expected to be in the high $700,000s-low $800,000s, according to Philippa Abendana, sales agent for the project. Also, hard-hat tours of the first phase (13 units) are underway. So who is coming around to look at the units? Oh, the entertainment industry, of course. They still have money. "It's been mostly entertainment industry people coming by, " Abendana tells us. ­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­"Set designers, graphic arts, publicists, writers, animaters, stuntmen." No layoffs for the stuntmen, apparently.

Meanwhile, more about the developer MasterCraft's project: Besides green features like solar panels and energy efficient lighting, window, and heating tanks, the project takes advantage of the city’s new but perhaps still-flawed (according to some commenters), small lot ordinance.

Also pictured in the gallery: The 1904 Orchard Gables Cottage, the former home of U.S. Senator Cornelius Cole, who organized the California branch of the Republican Party. Thanks to conservation efforts by the Community Redevelopment Agency Hollywood branch, the cottage will not join Mr. Cole in heaven. The structure is slated to become offices or an arts center.

And the first phase will be finished in April.
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