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To Catch A Coyote

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Pet lovers will cheer today's LA Times story about coyote-hunter Jimmie Rizzo; animal activists will not. Rizzo, who travels around the Los Angeles area to snare the animals and then kill them, has a pretty steady gig working for the Huntington Library, which has led to much outrage from activists, who call Rizzo's work "a knee-jerk reaction to a non-problem" and say that the coyote is the most persecuted animal in the US. More via the LA Times: "[Sean Guinan, urban wildlife coordinator for the Humane Society of the United States] sent a letter to the Huntington Library demanding it stop its semiannual trapping or it would notify the media and the Humane Society's 1.2 million members in California. He said the library can take other measures: removing food, clearing brush, educating the public about coyotes and hazing troublesome animals with loud noises, aggressive behavior, even paint guns. The Huntington said it is taking other measures. It is also sticking with Rizzo. "[LA Times]