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Deemed Too Big, 76 Ball Kept in Desert

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[The Museum of Neon-owned ball in an undisclosed location in the desert; via WSJ]
Anyone following the story of the disappearing 76 ConocoPhillips balls (one most recently one disappeared from the Pacific Palisades) knows the company embarked on a campaign to replace the famous signage with new "updated balls," a move that backfired when grass roots groups like "Save the 76 Balls" sprung up. That promoted Michael Morrison, ConocoPhillips’ head of U.S. marketing, to agree to send some of the balls to museums. The Museum of Neon Art in downtown wanted a ball, but now there's a new problem. "Kim Koga, curator of the Los Angeles Museum of Neon Art, which specializes in outdoor signs, says she finally got her ball. The only problem: it’s six inches too big to fit into her museum. So, it will remain in storage, in an undisclosed location, along with other neon signs, in the California desert." Looks like the ball is already trying to escape.
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