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Ask Curbed: Should I Contest an MTA/Sheriff's Ticket?

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If this email is true, then we have to give props to the cops for being extremely crafty. A reader writes: "I know all the "you drive, so you deserved it" folks are going to have at me, but I was dropping someone off at the H+H redline stop who was heading to Long Beach, so give me a break! I pulled over to let her out of the car, and within seconds (literally), I was approached by a L.A. County Sheriff, and forced to turn off my car while he wrote me a ticket for stopping in the red zone (payable to MTA Parking Administration).

Not only is this unfriendly towards mass transit, but when I asked him where I am supposed to stop to let off a passenger using the subway, he told me in the white zone, just in front of me. Well, wouldn't you know, there were no parking spots in the white zone, partly because TWO OF THEM WERE TAKEN UP BY COPS WAITING TO GIVE TICKETS TO SHMUCKS LIKE ME. Another was taken up by some other government type truck vehicle. I feel like this is worth contesting. Do I have a chance??"
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