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Rumblings & Bumblings Questions: Ramp Meter Controls, Ramona Theater, Mystery Billboards

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The chatterboxes sent in plenty of questions this week. And if you have a question for next week's Rumblings & Bumblings, say hello. Photo: BigMikeLakers

SANTA MONICA FREEWAY: "Whatever happened to all those ramp meter controls and lights on the Santa Monica Freeway between the 110 and Crenshaw Blvd? The signs, striping and lights went up over 10 years ago but were never activated---what happened? Maybe one of your brilliant readers knows. Thanks!"

ECHO PARK: The queries about the Ramona theater never cease. A reader writes: "...I found one of your postings from 4/18/07 regarding activity at the Ramona Theater in Echo Park and was wondering if you had any additional information on the space. In the post, you mention having possible contact information for the owners? — I am a long-time Echo Park resident and have been very curious about the space for a while now; I still have yet to see any meaningful activity there which is kind of a bummer, especially with all of the activity up and down that stretch of Sunset. Anyway, if you have any potential information buried back in the archives I would really appreciate."

STUDIO CITY: A vague billboard, people. "I work at the NBC/Universal building in Studio City and there’s a vague billboard outside of my window on the Universal Sheraton building. I’ve attached the latest picture. This is the third one -- the first was an image of a giraffe’s head with the word “Reach” and the second was a picture of three bees with “Be Heard”. I contacted Sheraton to inquire about the billboards but they had no information. Would you know what these ads are about?"