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Basically You Can't Smoke Anymore in California

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The Santa Monica city council has voted to ban smoking in the public areas of multi-unit residential housing, reports The Argonaut. The ban is actually less stringent than one proposed last year, which was amended over fears that tenants would get evicted to make way for newer, less-smoky renters who will pay more for an apartment. Under the ban, people caught smoking could be sued by neighbors or landlords who could collect at least $100. But to protect smoking renters, the ban cannot be used as grounds to end a tenancy and someone violating the ban would not be considered in 'violation of law.' As part of the law, building owners could also create a designated area for smokers. Opponents say the new rule will invite lawsuits and encourage harassment. Meanwhile, the anti-smokers are really making inroads. All in the last year: Glendale has banned smoking in most public areas, Redondo Beach banned smoking along the beaches and parks, Los Angeles banned smoking at all Farmers' Markets, and don't even try to light up at American at Brand. Additionally, legislation was introduced last May by Sen. Alex Padilla, D-Los Angeles, that would allow landlords to prohibit smoking in rental units, despite objections that the measure was unfairly targeting poor people. Smokers got a rare victory in that case because the bill died in Assembly in June, according to a press representative for Sen. Padilla.
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