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CurbedWire: Cahuenga Bungalows Are Gone, Hammer Talk about Traffic

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HOLLYWOOD: It was back in November that photos of those fenced-off, white bungalows at Fountain Avenue and Cahuenga Boulevard ran on the site. This whole parcel is part of the forthcoming Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences (still in the design phase, although renderings may very well be kicking around). Not sure when it happened, but the bungalows are long gone. UPDATE: The demolition happened on November 24th and reader Jeremy took photos. [Curbed Staff]

WESTWOOD: There's an interesting-sounding talk tomorrow that will consider LA's "epic traffic congestion, endless suburbs, and smog." Yes, how to fix it. More from the press release: Two experts help us envision the path to a livable, sustainable Los Angeles. Stefanos Polyzoides’s career covers the theory and practice of architecture and urban design. He is especially interested in new urbanism, transit-oriented development, mixed use development, and sustainability. He is a partner in the firm Moule & Polyzoides. Kenneth Small is a professor of economics at UC Irvine, and specializes in urban, transportation, an environmental economics. Recent research topics include urban highway congestion and the effects of fuel-efficiency standards, public-transit pricing, and fuel taxes. He served as an editor of the journals Transportation Research and Urban Studies." [Curbed InBox]