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Hollywood RevitalizationWatch: Where's 6200 Blvd?

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One much-awaited development in Hollywood is 6200 Blvd, developer Clarett's mixed-use project on Hollywood Boulevard between Argyle and El Centro Avenues, a sprawling apartment/ retail complex near the Pantages Theater that was supposed to break ground by late 2008. It will now break ground in the second half of 2009, according to Frank Stephan, senior managing director at Clarett, who says that lending is still being put together. "It's no secret that these are tough times," he says. "But everyone is bullish on Hollywood." Indeed. Years and years ago, when some of you dear readers were still surly adolescents, the city hatched a very bullish plan to revitalize Hollywood, to drive out the drug dealers and miscreants via refurbished historical structures and mixed-use, transit-orientated development.

Fast forward to today. Not including all the restaurants, clubs, and developments that have come in: The Palladium is done, the W Hotel & Residences and the adjoining Legacy Apartments building project are well on their way, as is the nearly complete Palihouse. Still to come, if they aren't killed by the economy: A 10-story addition to the Pantages, the 40-story Sunset Gower project, the 23-story On Top of Spaghetti Factory project and the 16-story 6230 Yucca project.

And there is so, so much more planned: If you want to see the whole dizzying list of Hollywood residential/hotel, check out this list (bottom of page: commercial/residential projects). Some of these projects, like the Madrone, are obviously lagging. But the Hollywood revitalization watch continues.
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